San Francisco Documentary Film Festival


Saturday, June 1, 2024. 2:00 PM Roxie Theater House 2

Seattle Film Festival


To Be Determined

A pioneer of graphic art, Jim Phillips, known for his bold and eye popping imagery, has left an unforgettable mark on the world of rock posters, surf, and skateboard art. Drawing inspiration from his life in Santa Cruz, California, Jim's journey from publishing his first artwork in 1962 to becoming the art director for Santa Cruz Skateboards, shaped the golden era of skateboarding.

Beneath the thriving success, however, lay the weight of high demands and built up tensions, leading to the closure of Phillips Studios. A resilient spirit, Jim bounces back by freelancing and reviving his rock poster art career, crafting cherished collectible posters for renowned musicians.

This documentary explores Jim's dynamic life and career, showcasing his iconic work that has not only defined an era but has also secured his place in modern art history. Reflecting on a life lived with dedication and joy, Jim's story is a profound narrative of resilience, passion, and enduring artistic vision.

A Film BY John Makens

PRODUCED BY: John Makens, Jim Phillips, Pierre Minhondo, Justin Fann


EDITED BY: Justin Fann, Pierre Minhondo


MOTION GRAPHICS: Daniel Zvereff, Joe Pease, Mattheus Macedo

FEATURING: Jim Phillips, Neil Young, Rich Novak, Eric Dressen, Jeff Grosso, Rob Roskopp, Steve Alba, Jeff Kendall, Chad Muska, Dolly Phillips, And More

DIRECTED BY: John Makens