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Movie Maker :Art and Life Trailer Spotlights Jim Phillips, ‘The Most Famous Artist That Nobody Ever Knew’ (Video)

Art and Life Trailer Spotlights Jim Phillips, ‘The Most Famous Artist That Nobody Ever Knew’ (Video)

If you’re familiar with streetwear brands like Santa Cruz Skateboards, you’ll likely recognize the iconic “screaming hand” logo that adorns many of the brand’s boards and fashion merchandise. But do you know who drew it?

His name is Jim Phillips, and according to the trailer for the new documentary about him called Art and Life, he just might be “the most famous artist that nobody ever knew.”

From director John Makens, Art and Life chronicles the fascinating story of the Santa Cruz Skateboards art director and illustrator behind iconic rock posters and surf and skateboard imagery. From his first published artwork in 1962 to the closure of Phillips Studios, the documentary follows the rise, fall, and resurgence of an icon in modern art.

Watch Art and Life Trailer Above

“Growing up in the 80’s, I was constantly surrounded by the art of Jim Phillips,” Makens said.

“From my very first skateboard to my old skate-magazine collection, Jim’s art was not just illustrations to me — they are memories, they are emotions, and they are inspirations. It’s not too often you get to meet your heroes, and it’s not often your hero turns out to be such a legendary human.”

Makens started filming Art and Life in 2011 — and 12 years later, it’s making its world premiere on Feb. 10 at 4:20 p.m. at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in the Metropolitan Fiesta 5 Theater, Auditorium 4. It will screen again on Feb. 16 at 8:40 p.m. in Auditorium 3. You can find out more about the film on

Phillips himself serves as a producer on the film, alongside Makens and editors Pierre Minhondo and Justin Fann. Chris Patterson serves as director of photography. The motion graphics team includes Daniel Zvereff, Joe Pease, and Mattheus Macedo.

Watch the trailer above.

Main Image: Jim Phillips in a still from Art and Life.


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